Seventeen Days and Counting

“Not Voting Isn’t Rebellion, It’s Surrender.”


We have seen the races tightening, we know the infusion of cash from the Koch brothers and other dark money groups will continue, but we have an advantage over the Republicans that they cannot overcome- our ground game and our ability to turn out voters. This makes the next 17 days crucial.


Don’t sit this one out, don’t leave it to “someone else.” You are someone else and you are needed for us to win. Think back to 2010, and the devastating O’Brien-led tea party/free state/John Birch Society coalition that set our state back years. We cannot afford to repeat that.


Volunteer to canvass, make phone calls, write a letter to the editor, attend an event, hold signs at a visibility. Do something!


Last night, the New Hampshire Democratic Party had our annual Jefferson/Jackson Dinner, with special guest President Bill Clinton. President Clinton, Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan, Congresswoman Shea-Porter and Congresswoman Kuster all gave fantastic speeches that fired up the crowd.


But the best advice came from two of our best organizers. Party Chair Ray Buckley reminded the crowd that, if each attendee convinced 25 Democrats to vote who otherwise would not have, we would sweep the table this election. He is right, turnout is the key!


Hillsborough County Democrats Chair Graham Smith deservedly received the Grassroots Organizer of the Year Award, and reminded us that the Democrats who voted in 2008 and 2012, but stayed home in 2010 must come out for this election. If you are one of those, we need you. If you know someone who skipped 2010, we need you to get them to the polls.


If we do that, we win.


Hollis Dems Harvest Fest


Hollis Dems host Annual Harvest Fest Potluck – Meet the Candidates – SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18th
5:30 -8:30 PM
Lawrence Barn, 28 Depot Road
If you plan to bring food, appetizer or dessert, please contact Joanne Emus at 603-785-3549. Tickets are $20, and includes music with Jerry Jean and his Guitar Pickin Buddies. Tickets and donations may be made online at
Please visit for more information and sign up for our monthly newsletter! Donation or tickets may be sent by mail to: Hollis Democratic Town Committee, P.O. Box 1204, Hollis, NH 03049 Thank you and look forward to seeing friends, old and new, on the 18th for a pre-election party!


We need the Brookline Dems to step up and contribute desserts. Contact Joanne Emus to let her know what you can bring.


Canvassing and phone banking


The Coordinated Campaign is organizing canvassing and phone banking now through Election Day. This is our ground game, this is how we get fellow Democrats to turn out on election day. This is the way to make a huge difference. Stop by the office at 449 Amherst St in Nashua or contact Olivia Firmand

Start this weekend, and contribute as much time as you can.


Monthly Meeting and Pot Luck Dinner


Join Brookline Democrats and Mason Democrats for our monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 21st, 7 pm at the Brookline Fire Station Meeting Room, 4 Bond St, Brookline.

We will be strategizing and planning for the last two weeks of the campaign, and we will enjoy a pot luck dinner with our great volunteers. Join us and bring family, friends and neighbors!

Let us know what you plan to bring at


Meet the Candidates!


There will be a “Meet Your Candidates” night on Thursday, Oct. 23rd from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the upstairs auditorium at the Brookline Town Hall, 1 Main St Brookline, NH.


Speakers include State Senator Peggy Gilmour, Hillsborough County Attorney Patricia LaFrance, candidate for Sheriff Bill Barry, Susan Ladmer candidate for County Commissioner and two candidates running for the two state representative seats in District 26 (Brookline and Mason) are incumbent Melanie Levesque and candidate Gale Taylor.


Constituents will have the opportunity to question the candidates about issues of interest in an informal setting. Coffee and desserts will be served. For more information, email the Brookline Mason Town Democratic Committee at or check the website at Everyone is welcome!


Visibility Event


Keep Saturday, October 25th open if you can. We will be doing a special visibility event, and we want you all to be there. More details to follow.


Debate Watching Parties


We will be holding debate-watching parties for the 2nd Congressional District on October 28th, Governor on October 29th and Senate on October 30th. The debates are 7-8 pm, and details will follow.


Election Day


Will will have the best visibility in Brookline and Mason of any area towns! Whatever you can contribute, an hour, two or more, will be a great help. We will finalize in our next email.


I will close as I opened, with a theme from last night’s Jefferson/Jackson Dinner. Senator Shaheen, Governor Hassan and Congresswoman Kuster know they are asking a lot of us.

Senator Gilmour, County Attorney LaFrance, Candidate for Executive Council Sheehan, Representative Levesque and Representative Candidate Taylor know how hard you have worked. They are asking for more.

It is down to these last seventeen days, it is down to us. Do what you can, do more than you think you can, the future of our towns, our state and our country are at stake.





Keith Thompson, Co-Chair, Brookline Democrats


Facebook- Brookline, NH Democrats

Twitter- @BrooklineDems


PS- At the Jefferson/Jackson Dinner, State Party Chair Ray Buckley referred to the Bill O’Brien’s political allies as the “Crackpot Coalition” and he was spot on. We cannot go back to those days.

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